Brochures for Self-Guided River Tours

Leeds Center to Hotel Bridge

Florence: Riverside Dr. to Meadow St. Bridge

Northampton: Paradise Pond to South St.

1874 Mill River Flood Disaster

We have three walking tours:

  • The Hidden Mill River from Paradise Pond to Downtown Northampton
  • The Village of Florence
  • The Village of Leeds

We have one tour of the Path of the 1874 Flood that is several miles long and requires a bicycle or car.


The following are a few maps from the Mill River watershed, some technical, some historical (many are available for download). We hope to keep this collection growing, if you know of a great map we could feature here please let us know.

Featured Maps


The Mill River Watershed

The Mill River Watershed. A map created by Hillary King from MassGis data and her own work with ArcGIS software.



The first US Geological Survey topographic map of the watershed.

Historical Maps

Courtesy of the Northampton Dept. of Public Works and the Forbes Library.


A sketch map from G.R.J. Cestre, a Sorbonne professor who wrote about the geographical evolution of Northampton while he was a visiting professor at Smith College in the 1960s.
Download a PDF of the 1700 Northampton Map


A map that the 19th-century historian J.R. Trumbull made, delineating the home lots of first settlers in Northampton
Download a PDF of the 1790 Northampton Map


A sketch map of Northampton made by J. Denisson, a surveyor in 1794.
Download a PDF of the 1790 Northampton Map


A survey of Northampton done for the selectmen.
Download a PDF of the 1831 Northampton Map


The Presdee & Edwards map of Northampton
Download a PDF of the 1853 Northampton Map


The Henry Walling map of Hampshire Co., Northampton only
Download a PDF of the 1860 Northampton Map


A map of Northampton and Easthampton
Download a PDF of the 1873 Map of Northampton and Easthampton Map


A map of Bay State
Download a PDF of the 1873 Map of Bay State


Birdseye view of Northampton
Download a PDF of the 1875 Map of Northampton


Birdseye View of Haydenville


A sketch map of  Northampton and Florence by Price & Lee.
Download a PDF of the 1903 Map of Northampton and Florence

Other Maps


Map of Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Surveys by Wm. J. Barker, published by James D. Scott & Owen McLeran, Philadelphia. Boston Public Library.


A Topographical Map of Hampshire County Massachusetts. Walling, Henry F. (Superintendant of the State Map).  Boston Public Library.