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The vision of the Mill River Greenway will be realized by the collective action of its volunteer members and community supporters.

Here is a list of projects on the Mill River that are either underway or in search of project leaders. Find one that interests you and jump on board.  We’ll be here to help you help the Mill River. Just contact

Greenway Design and Construction

  • Williamsburg Greenway Committee.  Contact: Gaby Immerman
  • Leeds Greenway Committee.  Contact: Heidi Stevens or Jason Johnson
  • Bay State Greenway Committee  Contact: Jeff Dawson
  • Hidden Mill River/Downtown Northampton Contact: Wayne Feiden
  • Grow Food Northamtpon/Florence Recreation Fields Greenway Reach. Contact:
  • Smith College Initiatives: Reid Bertone-Johnson ( in the Landscape Studies Program and Susannah Howe ( in the Engineering Design Studio

Ecology, Sustainability and Resilience

  • Managing Invasive Plants  Contact: Gaby Immerman
  • Water-quality Monitoring  Project leader: Connecticut River Watershed Council, Andrea Donlon
  • Bird and Animal Sightings or  River Blog -- awaiting a leader

Cultural and Historical Inventory and Archives

Art and Music

  • ArtShed Event for 2016 -- Art and Music at Selected Sites Along the Mill River Scheduled for May 2016.  Contact: Todd Lynch

Communication, Public Education and Outreach

  • Historic Interpretation -- A UMass Public History ProjectContact: David Glassberg
  • Website and Design  Contact: Neal Bastek and Damia Stewart
  • Virtual Field Trips Awaiting a Leader
  • Teen Content Awaiting a Leader
  • Kids’ Content Awaiting a Leader

Mapping and Data

  • Mapping the Historic Mill River Contacts: John Sinton, Reid Bertone-Johnson, Eric Weber
  • Mill River Geographic Information System (GIS). Contact:

Food and Farms

  • Grow Food Northampton/Florence Fields. Contact: Gaby Immerman