Donations to the Mill River Greenway Initiative are fully deductible under 501(c)(3). The Connecticut River Conservancy -- CRC -- (formerly the Connecticut River Watershed Council) serves as the Mill River Greenway's umbrella non-profit organization.

To donate by check, make it payable to "Connecticut River Conservancy" and put "Mill River Greenway Initiative" in the memo line.  Mail it to:
Connecticut River Conservancy, Inc.
15 Bank Row
Greenfield, MA 01301


To donate by credit card,  go to the CRC/MRGI donation page.
Scroll down to: I would like to dedicate this donation to:
and write "MRGI or Mill River Greenway Initiative" in the required space.
The next prompt will read: Please tell us the name and address of anyone you would like us to notify. In the space below write:

Thank you, your contribution means a lot to the river!