We have many to thank for helping start the Mill River Greenway Initiative, especially the founding members in 2009: Carl and Sue Bee Larson, Peter Flinker, Maggie Leonard, Craig Della Penna, Damia Stewart, Donna Lilborn, David Paine, Eric Weber, Hillary King, Lincoln Fish, Doug McDonald, and Nick Dines.

Special thanks go to the Connecticut River Watershed Council ( for their willingness to act as our 501(c)(3) umbrella organization for charitable contributions to the Mill River Greenway

Thanks also to those who have given freely of their time and support, particularly Elise Bernier-Feeley at Forbes Library and Northampton planner Wayne Feiden.

We are proud to thank a growing list of contributors to this site: Photographer Janine Norton; the GIS master at Northampton's DPW Andy Kuether; Smith College professor Reid Bertone-Johnson and his students Kassia Rudd and Caron Dewey; and Burgy's Helen Symons and Nick Dines.