Who Are We?

The Mill River Greenway Initiative is a volunteer organization, whose activities and accomplishments depend on the interests and energy of its members, as can be seen by the list of projects.  Anyone interested in the goals of the Greenway is welcome to become a member.

What Are Our Goals?

To restore ecosystems and conserve natural resources, with a focus on understanding and protecting functioning ecological systems. It is no good saving isolated sites if the systems that sustain them are allowed to collapse.

To preserve our cultural heritage and document our unique historic sites through research, inventories, mapping, and interpretive activities that help people understand the river's place in the past, present and future.

To design a Greenway to connect people to the river through a system of recreational trails, bike paths, and driving routes with accompanying maps, signage, guidebooks, and interpretive displays. This will include better river access for the public, development and refurbishing of parks and recreation sites, and better management of existing recreational use.

Our Current Projects

  • We are developing a Framework for Organizing Activities in the Mill River watershed, so that any investigator or researcher can understand the relationship of his or her activity to other projects.
  • We are assembling a series of historical maps which, when overlain one upon the other, will describe changes in the river and the watershed.
  • We are developing maps of the watershed, which will locate points of ecological, historical, and cultural interest, as well as access points and riverside trails.
  • We support local design projects, such as Williamsburg's Meekins Park and Northampton's Bean/Allard Farm.
  • We support land conservation efforts on the part of our towns and land trusts.
  • We are creating photo albums to which people can contribute.
  • We hope to create virtual tours, so that anyone can discover information, including photos and interpretive material online.
  • We are researching a history of the Mill River watershed and will begin soliciting narratives about the river from residents of the watershed towns.
  • We are planning field trips for 2011.
  • We work with the Connecticut River Watershed Council to help monitor water quality on the Mill River.