Winter Newsletter

Devil’s Den in December. Photo: John Sinton

While snow has blanketed us these past two months, we’ve been beavering away on several projects:

1. The Williamsburg Mill River Greenway Committee is making steady progress on a feasibility study for a connecting corridor along the river between Burgy and Haydenville centers. The report is set to be delivered to the Board of Selectmen in late June. There will be a chance for public input later this spring, Williamsburg residents stay tuned. (Full disclosure: MRGI co-moderator, Neal Bastek, is a member of the committee.)

2. Save the date: We will hold our annual spring friendraiser party on Friday, April 26th in Williamsburg. We’d love for you to join us.

3. Beginning in March, co-moderator John Sinton will introduce A History of the Mill River in installments, starting with the river’s geological history, then continuing with the First People, the First Settlers, and on to the end of the 19th century.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

4. A self-guided tour brochure of the lower river from Paradise Pond to South Street in Northampton will be available in April.  Guided tours will begin in spring.  The brochure is the product of MRGI and Smith College (Reid Bertone-Johnson and his students).  Damia Cavallari of Transit Authority Figures designed the brochure.

5. MRGI co-moderators Neal and John co-authored a paper on MRGI that Smith College instructor Reid Bertone-Johnson and Smith student Sophia Geller (class of ’13) will present in April at the Fabos Greenway Conference at UMass.  The paper will be available on this site in March.

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