Williamsburg Village Centers Visioning Session

Meekins Park: new fence on restored wall. Photo: Nick Dines

On Tuesday JUNE 14 at 7:00 pm at the Town Offices (Haydenville) please come share your thoughts on the Williamsburg village centers at a public visioning session, it’s a great chance to let the town know how much the river means to you and your community. The meeting is hosted by the Williamsburg Village Centers Visioning Committee which was formed in response to a goal of the recently updated Williamsburg Open Space & Recreation Plan – to help create & maintain vibrant village centers to help protect open spaces elsewhere in town. You can read the Open Space plan here.

Discussion will include river access, pedestrian needs, generally how development should look in and near the centers, and whatever related issues you bring to the meeting. Community input will be used for the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission to assess zoning regulations with the end result to be recommended strategies to strengthen our village centers.

The committee is also seeking public input through this survey. Please take a moment to let the Town know how much you’d like to see the Mill River featured in the future plans for Burgy and Haydenville village centers. (If you need something to get you thinking, here’s a good place to start: the village centers wouldn’t be where they are if not for the Mill River.)

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  1. Neal Bastek says:

    I just took the survey myself, there’s a whole section devoted to the river’s place in future development. I strongly recommend you add your voice to the mix.

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