Cultural Assets of the Mill River

What’s special about the Mill River? Following is just a partial list of the river’s special cultural features. If you know of a treasure on the Mill River that you’d like to have listed (or can help us with one of the needs identified below), send us an email.

Listed geographically from headwaters to river mouth:

  • Site of the 1874 Mill River Dam Disaster, East Branch in Williamsburg
  • Searsville, Williamsburg
  • Meekins River Park, Williamsburg
  • Photo credit: Helen Symons

    Dams – need an inventory of all the dams, breached and standing

  • Factories – need an inventory of the factories, archeological sites and standing
  • Trails – need an inventory
  • The Bike Path from Leeds to downtown Northampton
  • Paradise Pond in Northampton
  • The Hidden Mill River in downtown Northampton