Basic Information

On this page you will find information about the essential characteristics of the Mill River.

Current Information on Water Quality, Discharge and Precipitation:

Water Quality Data from the Connecticut River Watershed Council and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission at the rope swing site inBay State .

Paradise Pond data from the Geology Department at Smith College:
Discharge data from the US Geological Survey at Clement St. Bridge:

Watershed Area: 52.6 square miles


Total from Upper Highland Lake to Oxbow: ca. 20 miles

Hulburt’s Pond (Arcadia) to South St. barrier: 1.47 miles

South St. barrier to Felt Building: .64

Felt Building to Paradise Pond: .39

Paradise Pond to Clement St. Bridge: 1.97

Clement St. Bridge to Nonotuck Dam: 1.26

Nonotuck Dam to Meadow St. Bridge: .35

Meadow St. Bridge to Look Park downstream: .90

Look Park downstream to Look Park upstream: .77

Look Park upstream to Cook’s Dam: .28

Cook’s Dam to Haydenville: 2.4

Haydenville to Williamsburg confluence: 1.9

Total Hulburt’s Pond to Williamsburg: 12.33

East Branch to source in Conway: 6.1

West Branch to Lower Highland Lake: 6.2


Tumbling out of its headwaters at Upper Highland Lake in Goshen at 1,440  feet above sea level, the river’s West Branch drops 910 feet to Williamsburg at 530 feet, where it meets the West Branch flowing out of Ashfield, then down another 105 feet to Haydenville at an elevation of 425 feet.  Picking up tributaries from Beaver Brook and Roberts Meadow Brook, it drops 95 feet to Leeds at 330 feet, then another 100 foot drop to Florence at 230 feet, down to Paradise Pond at 130 feet, slowly dropping a final 20 feet to the meadows of the Connecticut River at 110 feet above sea level.  That is a total drop of 1,390 feet from Goshen to Northampton.


Upper Highland Reservoir/Goshen

Lower Highland Reservoir/Goshen

Searsville Reservoir/Searsville-Williamsburg (breached)

Brassworks/Haydenville (breached)

Leeds Upper Dam (breached)

Leeds Middle Dam

Cook’s Dam/Leeds

Nonotuck Dam/Florence

Bay State Village (breached)

Paradise Pond/Northampton

South Street Bridge barrier