A Mill River History

A Mill River History©

John Sinton, co-moderator, Mill River Greenway Initiative

Last Update March 2015

This work is intended as a web book that can be linked to maps, photographs, and more detailed text for those interested in exploring any historical aspect more fully.  MRGI co-moderator John Sinton is the book’s principle author.  Other authors will contribute their expertise, and MRGI members are urged to suggest historical topics related to the Mill River.

We hope you enjoy the historical journey we’re about to embark on.  The internet allows us to update and correct quickly, to link to sites or pages of related interest, and to use various media unavailable in printed matter.  If you have a story or suggestion, please let us know.  We’d like to hear from you.

Parts 1 & 2: Introduction and Geological History

Part 3: The First People

Part 4: Contact: The Nonotuck and the English

Part 5: a. The Original Town Layout, River Bed, and Bridge.  b. Meadows, Floods and the First Diversion. c. The First Mills.

Part 6a: 1700-1780 Introduction

Part 6b: Dams, Mills, Floods, and the Fishery

Part 7a: 1780-1850 Introduction

Part 7b: Industrial Development — Dams and Mills

Part 7c: Floods


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