Vote on Northampton’s Community Preservation Act

Northampton Residents to Vote Whether to Repeal the Community Preservation Act on November 1st.

There will be a single referendum question on Northampton’s election ballot this November 1st: The question is whether Northampton should repeal the Community Preservation Act (CPA).  A “no” vote will allow the CPA to continue, and a “yes” vote will repeal the CPA.
Proponents of  “Vote NO” to Save the CPA,” point to the program’s successes: It has
protected hundreds of acres of open space, preserved
some of important historical landmarks and has supported the
construction of new recreation fields and affordable housing. In addition, the CPA has brought millions of dollars to our city — the $3.8 million the city collected in CPA funds have been matched by over $17 million from other sources.

Opponents state that residents of the city already pay too many taxes.

For more information:

For a map of all CPA projects:


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