News for Fall 2012

Apologies for our absence this past summer, we were outside having fun, we hope you were too. Fall is here and we’re rarin’ to go. Here’s a little Mill River Greenway news to take the chill of the first frost away:

1. Our colleagues at Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways have just published their latest newsletter.  Noteworthy is their Photo and Video Contest where the winners were announced on October 12.  Winning photos and movies will be up on their website shortly.

2. There’s lots of news from Williamsburg.  A Mill River Greenway committee has formed in the town and is charged with developing a feasibility study of a multi-use transportation and recreation corridor between the Burgy and Haydenville villages. A handful of dedicated MRGI members serve on the committee. This connecting corridor was one of the main recommendations that came out of the work of the Village Centers Visioning Committee last year and the first to receive serious consideration from the Town. The Greenway committee is charged with delivering the feasibility study by June of 2013.

There will certainly be opportunities for public comment along the way and we’ll keep you posted right here. In the meantime, please share this news with your friends and neighbors in Williamsburg — it’s going to take a strong dose of public will to see this exciting project to fruition.

In other news the Williamsburg Woodland Trails committee just celebrated their 10th anniversary. They’ve amassed quite a legacy of great trails over the past decade and we’re looking forward to the possibility of linking up the river corridor to many of them.

3. We’re currently working with Reid Bertone-Johnson and his Smith College students to produce our first self-guided tour, the Sophia Smith Loop, which will run from Paradise Pond to downtown Northampton and back to the college.  John Sinton will be leading a couple of tours later this fall as test runs for the tour.

4. If you’ve got an idea for a project or a riverwalk on your part of the Mill, let us know at

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