Look Park Pond Dredging Meeting

Folks, there’s a meeting today, June 23 at 3:00 at Look Park to visit the Corps of Engineers dredging site at Willow Park.  Here is the contents of the email from the Corps’s contact, John Sargent:

…we are planning to have a site walk with the park staff and the con com on June 23 at 3 pm at Look Park.    The purpose of the meeting would be to gather additional information to include talk of dredging alternatives, impacts to coldwater fisheries in the river, and other issues that have been raised.  The con com will have a public hearing following the site meeting where the Corps representatives will be present as well.

We will follow up this post as the things unfold.

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One Response to Look Park Pond Dredging Meeting

  1. JW Sinton says:

    The folks at Look Park and the Corps are working things out with the Northampton Conservation Commission. The Massachusetts state fisheries biologist has weighed in to state that, unless some outside source has dumped exotic fish into Willow Pond in the past 15 years, that the fish community in the pond is the same as that found in the rest of the Mill River — approximately half cold-water species and half warm-water. The intent is to drain the pond slowly, allow the fish to escape downstream, and then to move the remaining fish by hand from the pond to the main stem of the Mill. This last activity will require a state permit. The Pioneer Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited will help with the fish removal.

    We will keep an eye on this as fall comes round and preparations are made to drain the pond in late fall or spring of 2012.

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