Upper Roberts Meadow Dam

In 2010, a group of Leeds  and Northampton citizens formed the Friends of the Upper Meadow Reservoir to save a dam that has been slated for removal.  While the Mill River Greenway takes no official position on whether or not to preserve the dam, we think it’s important to let our members know about any significant projects in the watershed.

The Upper Roberts Meadow dam is on a major Mill River Tributary that arises in Chesterfield.  It’s a beautiful, historic spot on the Chesterfield Road, and those in search of the strikingly feathered hooded merganser can almost be assured of seeing a nesting pair on the pond.

You’ll find information on the project at this website.  The section on the area’s history is particularly interesting.


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  1. Barbara Pelissier says:

    While our application was submitted two years ago, the Friends of the Upper Roberts Meadow Dam finally received notification in June 2012 that the Massachusetts Historical Commission has made their determination: the Upper Roberts Meadow Dam does meet the criteria of eligibility for listing in the National Registry of Historic Places. While that designation will not protect the dam from the Northampton’s continued efforts to “remove” it, the MHC determination verifies what we have been saying all along. This is a very impressive, well-built structure from another era. Instead of honoring the workmanship and beauty of the dam and looking for ways to preserve it for future generations to explore, learn from and enjoy, Northampton’s goal is to remove it at any cost – instead of making (cheaper) repairs. The sky is NOT falling. The dam poses no threat because of the massive flood plain, the absence of any significant amount of water in its reservoir due to decades of “silting in” and its highly engineered structural integrity. Have you seen the massive granite blocks? Please visit the dam and see if you agree that Northampton has more serious problems to worry about and better ways to spend tax payer’s hard earned money than on the removal of this historic structure.

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