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1700-1780 History Available

John has put the next installments of a Mill River History up for your review and comments.  Here are Part 6A: Introduction and Part 6B: Dams, Mills, Floods and the Fishery. 

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2015 Plans for MRGI

Happy New Year! We three co-moderators at the Mill River Greenway Initiative — Gaby, Neal, and John — wish you all the very best for what we expect to be a really exciting 2015. So let’s get to our plans … Continue reading

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Todd Lynch’s Flotsam Weirs Video

Hey, folks, here’s Burgy’s own Todd Lynch in his video about the inimitable Flotsam Weirs at the junction of the Mill’s West and East Branches.  Check it out.  We’ll also put a link on the website under Art and Music.

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Bike Path Riding Conditions Website

Hey, folks, this just in from Nick Horton & Co. from Friends of Northampton Trails & Greenways — a website to check the condition of the bike path this winter!  The week of January 5 bodes ill, but what a … Continue reading

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Mill River History — End of the 17th-Century Section

John has posted the last of Section 5 on the early European settlement to the end of the 17th century.  Stay tuned for the 18th —   Oh, how slowly does the hand of history move!

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Additions to Mill River History

Well, folks, John has finally gotten around to revising and adding to his Mill River history.  Parts 5A and 5B are now available here and here.  We’ll post more shortly.  Enjoy the bedtime reading, and please comment, suggest, or make … Continue reading

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Leeds Walk Reprise! Saturday, November 8

We’re thrilled to announce that the Leeds Mill River Greenway Committee will be reprising their fascinating stroll through this historic mill village on Saturday, November 8 from 10-12.  There are very few spots left, so please reserve your place by … Continue reading

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Williamsburg Reservoir Dam Walk 11/1/14

We’re excited about our upcoming river walk in Williamsburg, which will take us up to the old dam itself. The walk will take place this Saturday, November 1 from 9:30am to 12:30pm.  For our regulars, please note the longer time … Continue reading

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Directions to Flotsam Weirs in Williamsburg

At summer’s end, we’re looking back on a wonderful series of walks and some great news that we’ll be sharing with you in the next couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, what remains?  Well, here are directions to Todd Lynch’s fantastic “Flotsam … Continue reading

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Welcome Back to a Busy September

Welcome back from a cool, wet, lovely summer.  We’ve got a busy fall planned for the Mill River, starting with 3 (count ‘em — three) walks in September alone.  Here’s what’s coming your way: Saturday, September 6, Riverwalk in Leeds, … Continue reading

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