A Glorious Paddle at Arcadia

Thanks to Dave McLean, Jonah Keane and all the folks at MassAudubon’s Arcadia Refuge, the MRGI folks had a wonderful Sunday morning exploring the floodplain forest.  How lucky we are to have such natural beauty and expert guides so close to home!
…and what luck to have had our great videographer John Body along.  Here’s a quick taste of a couple of highlights.  Dave sighted a great horned owl flying, then its nest, then its 2 owlets, the older sibling sitting on a branch near the water and the younger, less fledged, still in the nest.  (John Body photos)Great Horned Owl 6 Body.jpg
Great Horned Owl 5 Body.jpgArcadia paddle 2 4.15 Body.jpg


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